An N-Scale Santa Fe branchline through the mountains

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Contruction Journal ( 2020 Jul-Dec )
07/03/2020 Top

Finished the Deck Truss Bridge (completed bridge is approx 7 inches long)

07/12/2020 Top

Working on a Mainline Water Tower

07/19/2020 Top

More progress on the Mainline Water Tower

07/25/2020 Top

Completed the Mainline Water Tower

And also built an Atlas through girder bridge

08/09/2020 Top

Starting work on a small town refinery from the 1930's - geared toward predominately heating oil, propane and gasoline. Drew up the layout for the plant, then cut-down and cleaned up several different sizes of pill bottles to represent the different tanks. Marked and cut panels into the tanks.

Next up is to fill-in and smooth the tops, then paint the tanks black. I am also working on the dock and office building.