An N-Scale Santa Fe branchline through the mountains

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Contruction Journal ( 2001 - 2003 )
07/05/2001 This is the first update to this page since the layout was started in 1995. As you can see, there hasn't been a lot of progress. I actually had more completed, but our newest kitten decided that the train layout looked an awfully lot like a jungle-gym and proceeded to break several pieces and sections. I hope to be back to where I was soon.

More Pictures and Schematics to arrive shortly.

10/05/2002 Progress is REALLY slow. I have completed a little more of the scenery but mostly I'm working on the track ( tweaking turnouts and joints ) so that there aren't any derailments. It's slow progress but it will make everything better in the end.
GOOD NEWS!!! After only six (6) years, I finally got around to installing my Digitrax system and decoders. I can finally run more than one train at a time. ( and they can even be going in different directions! )
Let's see... Other events in the last year...
Evie ( Jackie's Mom ) created a skirt for the layout.
I finally got around to installing the facia
I built the second half of the Mountain at Megan Creek ( but still not fully scenicked )
I started working on the control panels.

Original Layout (8 x 9.5)

01/25/2003 There is only about 1 month left for the DJ&N's current trackplan. We have decided to move. Luckily the railraod was built in sections which should make the move a little easier. Current plans are to store everything for a few months while the new home is being built and then the DJ&N will have a new home with a larger area reserved strickly for the train. Room to expand means a revised trackplan! Right now I'm planning to keep almost everything I currently have, but arranging the sections differently and installing new track between them. I'll be posting the new trackplan shortly.

03/25/2003 The new room dimensions are final (10 x 21). And here it is. The New trackplan. The areas in pink represent the current layout sections. The area in yellow is the doorway. Each square represents 1 foot. The remaining 6 feet is for the workbench, etc.

I've decided to replace all the code 100 Atlas rail with code 70 MicroEngineering once the layout is rebuilt.
This will mean a lot of work, but I think it will make everything nicer in the long run.

New Layout (7 x 15)

09/11/2003 I went out and purchased 3rd PlanIt since I had no other way to work on the layout and proceeded to change the layout again. Not a lot this time, but I did make the new town area more usable, and added some more switching. I also decided to go with Atlas code 55 switches and track. They look great, seem to work well, and they're quite a bit cheaper than MicroEngineering. With this much track to build / replace, cost became an issue!
The biggest difference is the cutout for the door to open, and the 2 foot back section instead of just a 1 foot shelf.

New Layout (8 x 15)

Here's the entire room. Shows the workbench, spray paint booth and bookshelves. It also shows where the door opens. I plan to install laminate flooring before moving the layout into place and I also plan to replace the flourescent lighting with track lighting as soon as possible. The lighting was designed with 3 switches to allow for 3 separate tracks. One for lighting the walkways, one for lighting the layout with daylight ( white ) and one for lighting the layout as if it were nighttime ( blue ).
Overall Room Dimensions ( 10 x 20.75 )