An N-Scale Santa Fe branchline through the mountains

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Contruction Journal ( 2018 )
Began work on a Climax Engine kit from Randgust

A Visit from The Railwire Travelling Baggage Car (For the full story, visit The Railwire)

When Jim woke from his nap he knew something was different. The gentle rocking of the waves was gone as was the call of the sea birds. All he could hear was a repetitive pounding and crushing sound. What the heck had he gotten himself into this time?

Jim and Mr. Sheep jumped down and took a look around.
Jim: I don't know how to tell you Mr. Sheep but this doesn't look like Houston.
Russ (the sheep): Baa...
Jim: And stop rolling around in the dirt. Last time you tracked it all through the car.
Russ: Baa...

Lucas: Hey mister, what ya doing way up here? And what type of car is that?
Jim: It's a PRR B60b baggage car
Lucas: If you say so.
Jim: And where is up here? Isn't this Houston?
Lucas: Mister you are surely lost. This is southern Colorado. Hey what ya got in that thing?
Jim: A bunch of private packages that need to be delivered
Lucas: Is that Lutefisk I smell?
Jim: What?
Lucas: Lutefisk! I haven't had that since I was a kid visiting my grandparents in Sweden over Christmas. May I have some?
Jim: Sure kid, help yourself. So how do I get to Houston?
Lucas: Mister, I don't know. But I can have the foreman call down and see if they can send up an engine.

Steve (the Foreman): Hey Fred, I need you to send an engine up to the mine. We have some sort of railcar on our siding.
Lucas: It's a PRR something something something baggage car
Fred: Steve, you've got to be kidding me. How did a car get up on your siding?
Steve: I have no clue. Lucas heard a ruckus outside and there it was. With some strange man and a sheep wanting to go to Houston.
Fred: Houston! What in tarnation is going on up there?
Steve: Just send an engine so we can get back to work!

A short while later workhorse number 81 rumbled up.

Jim: You here to take me to Houston?
Engineer Mike: Heck no. I was told to haul you down to Lamb where another engine would pick you up
Jim: Whatever. Mr Sheep, it looks like we're off on another ride
Russ: Baa...

After what seemed like hours, they finally ground to a halt in front of the Schelle tractor factory in Lamb.

Engineer Mike: This is the end of the line for me. Good luck

Meer mintues later another engineer popped his head in.
Engineer Chris: Hold on mister. I'm hear to take you down to Jasper. Dave, our railroad foreman, will meet you there

A couple of hours later they screeched their way into the Jasper station

Engineer Chris: Mister, you have a few minutes to stretch your legs. Dave's running late, as usual. I'll leave you here under the shade tree until he shows up. Then we can back you up to the loading platform
Jim: Mr Sheep, enjoy yourself. But not too much!
Russ: Baa...

As promised, it was only a few minutes before the B60b was backed up to the loading platform

Dave: Mr. Jim and Russ I presume! Great to finally meet you!
Jim: So what's going on? I'm supposed to be going to Houston. And who is Russ?
Dave: You've been talking to Crazy Greg I bet
Jim: Ummm... Yep
Dave: Everywhere and nowhere?
Jim: That's him
Dave: And you believed him when he said Houston?
Jim: Ummmm..
Russ: Baa...
Jim: Oh come on Mr. Sheep, you believed him too
Russ: Baa...
Dave: Let me assure you, your shipment was meant for the Dusty Junction. In particular, for right here in Jasper.
Jim: Are you sure?
Dave: Let's see, a few bags, a few crates, a package of used pinball machine parts, one sheep, one 55 gallon drum, one large black ... oh wait that was offloaded
Jim: Ok, ok. How do you know all that?
Dave: Three ghosts. You do still have the ghosts don't you?
Jim: What, no! We never had any ghosts!
Dave: Tisk, tisk! Scratch the ghosts. Let's see here, one turbo steam punk spectral thermal reactor containment unit.
Jim: Now you are starting to freak me out! Where did you find out about all of this?
Russ: Baa...
Dave: Yes, Russ. He doesn't understand does he?
Russ: Baa...
Dave: Yes, yes. Now let's finish. Some Surlee Salt, a flux capacitor, Steve the elf. No wait, he left and joined a band
Russ: Baa...
Dave: Ah yes, a few oysters, and some Lutefisk. Unless you gave it all to Lucas. You gotta watch that kid. He eats like a horse!
Jim: So what am I supposed to do with all of this?
Dave: Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is our warehouse recently caught fire, so I have nowhere to store your stuff. The good news is I have your next set of orders. If I'm reading this right, you're off to the Seaboard System. But then again, you know, everywhere and nowhere....
Jim: Oh great!
Dave: On and Russ, don't explain until he needs to know
Russ: Baa...
Jim: What?!

With that engineer Chris hauled him off across the imanginary creek and on to further adventures....

More progress on the Climax Engine kit from Randgust. Decoder installed and working on the headlight. Battery included for scale.

Climax Engine kit from Randgust is fully built. Working on details, decals, weathering, and clean up. Also, waiting for an order of Engineer figures to arrive.

Roughing in a mountain stream on the upper level over Jasper (under the black tarp) leading to the new Mine/Mill.
The dark brown is the riverbed.

Oops! Ran out of plaster cloth...

Starting to place some rock molds. Many, many more needed to complete the scene.

Blended in the molds on the riverbank. Gave them a quick wash to see how everything turned out.

Continued work on blending in the molds on the riverbank. Gave them another quick wash to see how everything turned out.