An N-Scale Santa Fe branchline through the mountains

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Contruction Journal ( 2021 )
01/17/2021 Top

Started working on a Railroad Rooming House. Initial painting.

Then created a simple interior insert to control light leaks so I could light individual rooms

Started adding the porch

Next up, the railings and the roof

01/24/2021 Top

Finished the Railroad Rooming House. Added the roofing material, plus a few patch spots.

Then weathered it all up

And here it is all lit up

02/06/2021 Top

Started on a new kit from Showcase Miniatures: R. Perez & Sons Car & Carriage Works.
The first floor is stucco. Just getting started on initial paint colors.

02/28/2021 Top

Working on the Showcase Miniatures: R. Perez & Sons Car & Carriage Works kit.
Painted the wood walls.

Started putting the walls together.

This gives an overall idea of the size of the kit.