An N-Scale Santa Fe branchline through the mountains

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Contruction Journal ( 2022 Jan-Jun )
01/02/2022 Top

Part 10 - Small Cattle Yard.
Built the water troughs using pencil furrules (thanks to a suggestion by @NtheBasement from
Cut the furrule to size and bent to shape, added a base, painted, added water, then added them to stockyard

Installed on the stockyard

Next up ... paint more cows. Build the water tank for the windmill and add more scenery/details.

01/17/2022 Top

Part 11 - Small Cattle Yard.
Added a large trough for the windmill. Added scenery around the outside of the fences. Added "cow patties".

From the Front

From the Back

And a few close ups

Next up ... paint more cows. And add the piping detail for the water troughs.

03/19/2022 Top

Part 1 - Fred's Scenery Section
Started laying out the scenery section around Fred's One Stop heading out from Bacque Yard and around the peninsula

Next up ... hot glue in the land forms and start laying plaster cloth.

04/16/2022 Top

Part 12 - Small Cattle Yard.
Finally finished the small cattle yard. Only thing left is to install it on the layout.

05/14/2022 Top

Part 2 - Fred's Scenery Section - Basic Land forms.
Installed more basic scenery forms for the Fred's section and behind Bacque yard.

Also, began work on a set of company houses.

05/22/2022 Top

Part 3 - Fred's Scenery Section - Starting the Plaster.
Started installing the plaster cloth for the Fred's section and behind Bacque yard.

06/05/2022 Top

Part 4 - Fred's Scenery Section - Molds, molds and more molds.
Created and installed a bunch of rock molds. Still a bunch more to go.

Also managed to install all the windows and doors on 2 of the 3 company houses