An N-Scale Santa Fe branchline through the mountains

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Contruction Journal ( 2020 )
01/04/2020 Top

Built a tow truck from Showcase Miniatures
The kit layed out (note: squares are 1/2 inch)

Primed black

Initial paint colors

Almost Finished (needs a little touch-up on the paint and the decals)

Started some basic scenery on the riverbanks

Added some rock castings to the near banks

Roughed in some dirt color

Quick covering of grass

Next up ... remove the excess grass after it dries. Then add rocks and trees

02/22/2020 Top

Building Fred's One-Stop by Showcase Miniatures
Initial building framed out, with a few support beams to control warping until the additions/roof is added

View from other side

More of main building, now with additions and roofing

and from the other side

Still a lot more to go on this, porch, car shop, gas pumps, etc.

03/29/2020 Top

Continued work on Fred's One-Stop by Showcase Miniatures, installed the windows, doors and porch.
Some of the windows need touching up/realignment and the roof turned out too dark - need to lighten it up some

Still a lot more to go on this shop, gas pumps, etc.

Also, finally got around to cutting the plywood for the next section of track